Ian Peberdy, Narborough Fisheries, Norfolk

Having spent several hours on research, and a number of visits from prospective fencing companies, I decided to engage yourself to install my much needed Otter Fencing here at Narborough Fisheries. I had already decided on the maker of fencing I wanted, and having a tough long lasting product such as Tornado was essential. What surprised me then was when getting quotes, the vast variance of prices for essentially the same work. Having dissected all the options I had been quoted, I was more than happy to engage yourselves, and have been more than happy with the speed and quality of the job you have done for me. You offered me the best value quote of the ones I had, for the product I wanted, and a sensible start date to get the job done. Although installing Otter Fencing is never going to be cheap, you have to be pragmatic today that it is becoming an essential part of having a fishery. When I consider the potential cost of fish stock to lose if otters got into our lakes, the long term cost of installing this type of fencing is a no brainer, and is in fact an asset to the business, and adds value on our balance sheet. I would thoroughly recommend your services to anybody who needed them, and would be happy for anybody to give me a call, or come and look at the finished job itself.

Dave Forrest, BSE

Many thanks for a good job, Your staff were brilliant throughout. Best wishes Dave.

Anna B, Wymondham

We are so pleased with the new fence and how efficiently it was done. PS. The wood colour is perfect.